Treatment Adherence (Call I)

Everwell Health’s solution called 99 DOTs has been adopted by RNTCP and NACO to start a pilot in 100 ART centres across India. As on February 18, 2016, the solution has been implemented in 16 deployment sites across the country. Everwell has also been selected for GC-TBC Call III where they plan to scale up to 5000 patients across India in the public sector and 1000 patients in the private sector and start a pilot in Myanmar targeting at least 1000 patients.

More on 99Dots at www.99dots.org and https://vimeo.com/128664624

Also working on Treatment adherence from Call I is ZMQ with operations in Mewat, Rajasthan, New Delhi, and Uganda. More on ZMQ at www.zmqdev.org/freedom-tb/ and www.zmq.in.

A total of 13 candidates were funded under the Treatment Adherence call.


TB Screening Detection and Diagnostics (Call II)

Six candidates were funded for developing deployable prototypes (Call II, Phase I). Of these six, three have been funded for field trials (Call II, Phase II).

Call II, Phase II
1. Stellar Diagnostics Pvt Ltd. :
Biomarker: Lateral flow rapid point-of-care (POC) test based on peptides
2. Wobble Base BioResearch Pvt Ltd. : Sputum Transportation: use of specially treated filter papers for collection and transportation of MTB clinical samples at room temperature and its extended storage.
3. Ampligene India Biotech NAAT Test: A simple, ultra-rapid, sputum and non-sputum based next generation NAAT test which can be sustainable and operational at decentralised level

Call II Phase I only
1. Institute of Microbial Technology: CSIR X-ray Scattering: Identify patterns from hair and nail from Keratins in humans specific to Tuberculosis
2. MGM Institute of Health Science Breathanalyser: An inexpensive and rapid sensing methodology for screening and detection of TB at the POC level, based on detection of volatile biomarkers. The methodology is based on a TiO2 nanotube arrays that bind the volatile biomarkers.
3. Foundation for Neglected Disease Research Biomarker: Detect a host metabolite (Itaconic acid) and a bacterial component (Tuberculostearic acid) in the same clinical blood sample

Public Private Partnerships (Call III)

Three innovations have been funded to scale operations in India and one other Low Income Country. These are Operation ASHA, Everwell Health, and ZMQ, who have chosen to open up operations in Afghanistan, Myanmar and Uganda respectively.

Everwell Health will work closely with RNTCP, NACO, WHO and other organizations to scale up in India with a target of 5000 patients in the public sector and 1000 patients in the private sector.
Everwell has started a pilot in Myanmar in partnership with PSI, Myanmar (www.99dots.org).

Operations Asha’s eCompliance software application is functional across 53 treatment centers in India. They will recruit over 2000 patients during the course of the project. Operation ASHA has also partnered with ACREOD, Afghanistan to start a pilot across 22 centres with a patient recruitment target of 1299 (www.opasha.org).

ZMQ is the third awardee with operations in Indian and Uganda, to deploy their Freedom TB solution for treatment adherence (www.zmqdev.org).

For more on incubation support, please visit www.ikpeden.com (Bangalore), and www.ikpknowledgepark.com (Hyderabad).