Name of Startup / Innovator

Title of Project

Vitas Pharma Research Pvt Ltd. Novel inhibitors of DNA Gyrase for the treatment of multidrug resistant infections
Sabio Innovative Solutions Pvt Ltd. A Platform for Rapid Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing (AST) and Assessment Of Bacterial Load
Crystalin Research Pvt Ltd. Pharmacological Evaluation of N-oxide Metabolite of Antipsychotic Drug for Type 2 Diabetes
Seagull Biosolutions Pvt Ltd. Novel Oncotherapeutic Measles Virus using eSAME system
Pradin Technologies Pvt Ltd. Fetal Electrocardiogram and Uterine Activity signal extraction from Maternal Electrocardiogram eliminating the need for the use of conventional transducers
Zephase Therapeutics Pvt Ltd. Creation of transgenic zebrafish as cancer models
GPS Renewables Pvt Ltd. Biochemical Research & Development to Improve the Efficacy of a Dry, Thermophilic, Anaerobic Reactor
Dr. Praveer Gupta Engineered stable, nano-sized bubble liposomes – a commercially viable drug delivery platform
Wobble Base Bioresearch Pvt Ltd. Development of a novel fungal bio control agent using protoplast fusion technology to target drug resistant gastrointestinal cattle worms responsible for reducing productivity, by an ecofriendly approach.
Windmill Health Tech. Pvt Ltd. Novel Integrated Newborn Resuscitation Solution to Empower Front-line Health Workers to Resuscitate Newborns Effectively
Jeevtronics Pvt Ltd. World’s Most Affordable, long life Defibrillator that is Battery less, Hand Cranked, Rugged with reusable paddles.
Swayambhu Biologics Pvt Ltd. Bioremediations for Agro Industrial Solid Wastes by ARBIT for Efficient Management Through Energy and Biomanure Conversions.
Kwaklei & Khonggunmelei Orchids Pvt Ltd. Clonal propagation of elite genotype of orchid hybrids synthesised in Manipur for commercial cultivation
Mugagen Laboratories Pvt Ltd. Exploring Muga silk fibre as a promising suture material
Sohum Innovations Pvt Ltd. A novel device to screen newborns for hearing loss in resource poor settings
Genrich Membranes Pvt Ltd. Hollow Fibre Membrane Based Low-Cost Oxygen Concentrator for Medical Applications
Vegrandis Therapeutics Pvt Ltd Delivery and retention of Irinotecan loaded magnetic nanoparticles for treatment of brain tumors
Barefeet Analytics Pvt Ltd. Laser Desorption / Ionization Mass Spectrometric (LDI MS) solutions for High throughput Detection & Analysis of Residual Compounds, Contaminants and Small Molecules in Milk & Dairy Products
Orthocrafts India Pvt Ltd. Bioabsorbable implants based on polylactic acid (PLLA)
Abhiruchi Probiotics Pvt Ltd. A Novel formulation for Probiotic Food Additive
Mr. Kunal khanna 3-D Bone Graft and GBR Membrane for Maxillofacial and periodontal repair: Towards a clinical study
Mr. Sathyavrathan Metabolic engineering of Pseudomonas putida for 3-Hydroxypropionic acid production
Purius Nanosystems Pvt Ltd. Development of a Biosensor Based Point-of-Care Nucleic Acid Testing System
Sky Solar & Power India Ltd. A Novel Method of Converting Agri Waste to Energy with Direct Benefit to Farmers: Use Rice Husks to Produce Carbon-Coated Nanoporous Si/SiO2 for Li-Ion Batteries
Pregen Research lab Pvt Ltd. Non-invasive Prenatal Diagnosis Kit for Sickle Cell Anemia
BiolMed Innovations Pvt Ltd. Osteoconductive Bone Graft Susbtitutes
BRUN Health Pvt Ltd. Brun – A Perinatal Monitoring Device
Annweshan SciTech. Pvt Ltd. Development of a novel diagnostic kit for Tuberculosis
Naturlich Global Beverages Pvt Ltd. Production of non-alcoholic drink enriched with essential vitamins and minerals by microbial fermentation of natural raw materials
Dr. Sushma Meshram Application of pentose utilizing yeast strain(s) for higher ethanol production from hemicelluloses
Vivira Process Technologies Pvt Ltd. VodCa for Distillery Industry [VodCa: Vortex Diode based Cavitation Devices]
Dr. Srinivasa Prakash Regalla Develop and Test Certain 3D Printing Technologies to Produce Innovative limbs at Affordable Costs for the Disabled in India
Monitra Healthcare Pvt Ltd. Remote Cardiac Monitoring and Real-Time Outpatient Cardiac Telemetry
Nayam Innovations Pvt Ltd. ISITE Intra-Ocular Lens for Spectacle Free Vision
AlgalR NutraPharms Pvt Ltd. Establishment and Validation of Commercially Viable Technologies for the Production of Omega-3 Fatty Acids from Marine Microalgae
Green Pyramid Technologies Pvt Ltd. Bio-Synthesis, Production and Formulation of Sophorolipids for the purpose of Sanitizing/Sterilizing Fruits and Vegetables thus enhancing their shelf-life.
AIndra Systems Pvt Ltd. An Affordable, ‘Point-of-sample collection’ Cervical Cancer screening tool
Sascan Meditech Pvt Ltd. Development of Oral Cancer Screening Camera
PathShodh Healthcare Pvt Ltd. Development of Handheld Device for Glycated Hemoglobin and Albumin Sensing
ConnViva Technologies Pvt Ltd. Wearable and Implantable Sensors for Connected Health
Dr. Srinivasan B Affordable Maxillofacial Prostheses
Dr. Amitava Das Novel diagnostic kit for Cysteine
Theranosis Innovations Pvt Ltd. Microfluidics chip based point of care medical device for detection and enumeration of circulating tumor cells
EnziBeta Biotech Pvt Ltd. Enzymatic Production of Betaine
Dr. Ashis Kr. Mukherjee Development of a cost-effective, novel antithrombotic anticoagulant herbal drug and standardization of its biomarker assisted quality control
Shira MedTech Pvt Ltd. Development of surgical instrument for facilitating an easier and faster process for vascular anastomosis in vasculature of all sizes
Tritek Innovation Pvt Ltd. Development of a highly specific and sensitive, affordable and field deployable finger-prick whole blood compatible point-of-care strip test for typhoid diagnosis
Dr. Tarun Kumar Sharma Mycobacterium tuberculosis antigen-detection based point-of-care test using aptamer technology for tuberculous meningitis (TB meningitis)
Excellent Medical Devices Pvt Ltd. Development of a novel hemorrhoid treatment device – SHOTLIV
Genzir Technologies Pvt Ltd. Development of kits for isolation of adipocyte-derived stem cells for prolotherapy and other regenerative medicine
Dr. Hameeda Bee Production of Biofungicide Iturin from Bacilus amyloliquefaciens RHNK 22
Turtle Shell Technologies Pvt Ltd. Non-wearable vitals and sleep monitoring device
Dr. Krupakar Murali Subramanian Atmospheric pressure plasma based low cost medical equipment sterilization device